“Individual skills are corporate assets. In total, they represent a company’s intellectual wealth directly tied to the bottom line. Superior skills are the weapons needed in the struggle to achieve competitive advantage.”

  1. SkillQuest®, the Skills Asset Management System, is available on an ASP (PSI server hosting) or Company-Installed Deployment for use by employees for assessment and development as well as by systems administrators to manage organizational data.

  2. SkillsPlex® is available in a variety of packages such as:
  • SkillsPlex® IT – 2500 skills that include all core IT functions, platforms and tools comprised of more than 70 skill groups. Core IT skills include Applications Development, Systems Engineering, Network Management and Data Center Operations.
  • SkillsPlex® Corporate – Contains the basic business functions that most companies require. It includes all of IT, Management, Corporate Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Training, Procurement, and Customer Service.
  • SkillsPlex® Industry Specific – Built on SkillsPlex® Corporate, it is tailored to meet the specific business requirements of a particular industry such as Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Healthcare, Legal, and Creative Arts. Pricing is based on skill set selection.
  1. Implementation and deployment services that include:
  • Custom skill model preparation to refine SkillsPlex® models and/or prepare new functional skills sets.
  • Workshops to train users and management in the use of skills management techniques and tools.
  • Change Management facilitation regarding the impact of skills management on the organization’s policies, procedures and people.
  • A People Sciences’Implementation and Deployment Plan is available for review.
  1. Continuous updates of skills and glossaries as they become available

  2. Integration of People Sciences SkillsPlex® models into skills management software or any other compatible tool such as a learning management system, training management system, enterprise resource planning system (e.g., SAP, PeopleSoft), or any other skills management tool.
  1. Connecting skills to training solutions, including the link to learning provider websites for training descriptions, enrollment, etc.