“Individual skills are corporate assets. In total, they represent a company’s intellectual wealth directly tied to the bottom line. Superior skills are the weapons needed in the struggle to achieve competitive advantage.”
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People Sciences, Inc. has been providing skills management solutions since 1984. During that time, PSI has developed approaches that apply proven and successful methods which incorporate the culture and requirements of its clients.

People Sciences’ SkillQuest® Skills Asset Management System is a proven and established solution for assessment, development and tracking of core intellectual wealth. It permits an organization to manage resources, identify key people for assignments, address training needs on a global basis and much more.

PSI’s highly acclaimed SkillsPlex® Skills Library is composed of about 10,000 skills that cover all major business functions along with it’s unique definition of proficiency levels for employee assessment, tracking, gap analysis and resource management. The SkillsPlex® Skills Library is available in various forms including the SkillsPlex® Skills Library Management System as well as in MS Access, MS Excel and other databases that can be used to populate a company’s skills management system, learning management system, enterprise resource system or other systems.

In addition, PSI’s implementation and deployment methodology follows a seven step plan that assures success.

Most importantly, PSI’s experiences dealing with employees and managers provides an insight into the “right” way to implement a skills management initiative. Obstacles that are typically unforeseen by inexperienced implementers are addressed early and effectively in the implementation process.

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