“Individual skills are corporate assets. In total, they represent a company’s intellectual wealth directly tied to the bottom line. Superior skills are the weapons needed in the struggle to achieve competitive advantage.”

People Sciences' Implementation and Deployment Plan

Project Phases (A complete project plan is available for review)

Phase I – Project Initiation
Kick off project, establish communications, identify roles and players, confirm scope, begin review of materials and meet with key people.

Phase II – Data Gathering
Gather and review skills, jobs and other pertinent information. Identify strategic skills. Interview cross section of people in high density jobs, distribute survey forms and secure job title configuration and construction.

Phase III – Refine Models And Build Skills Sets
Modify Skills Models for the organization and design and construct additional job families and skill cluster specialties. Secure approval of skills content. Populate Learning, Skills, Human Resources, ERP or other Management System.

Phase IV– Link Training To Skills (Optional Add-On)
Associate training and development with skills. Design curriculum. Link to Learning, Skills, Human Resources, ERP or other Management System. Link to Learning Management System or provider website catalog.

Phase V – Program Training And Pilot
Train pilot participants in program requirements. Pilot the program with a selected group of employees. Refine skills and process based on feedback.

Phase VI – Full Deployment
Train participants in program requirements and deploy system to all employees.

Phase VII – Post-Deployment Evaluation (Optional Add-On)
Evaluate data and recommend approaches based on skills gaps. Monitor and maintain program.