“Individual skills are corporate assets. In total, they represent a company’s intellectual wealth directly tied to the bottom line. Superior skills are the weapons needed in the struggle to achieve competitive advantage.”

Technology Skills Architecture*
(Total SkillsPlex® Library IT skills: 2300)

Job Families – Contain company titles, proficiency standards
and core skills shared by everyone in that job family.

To view Clusters which are specialty skills sets associated with one
or more job families, Click on any of the categories above.




Application Development
Applications Computing
Applications Development-AS/400
Applications Development-Client Server
Applications Development-eCommerce
Applications Development-GIS
Applications Development-Imaging
Applications Development-Lotus Notes
Applications Development-Mainframe
Applications Development-Object-Oriented
Applications Development-Oracle
Applications Development-Unisys
Applications Development-Web
Applications Development-Wireless
Applications Testing
Business Systems Analysis
Website Design
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System Engineering
Systems Engineering-AS/400
Systems Engineering-CICS
Systems Engineering-DBMS
Systems Engineering-Lotus Notes
Systems Engineering-MVS
Systems Engineering-Novell
Systems Engineering-NT
Systems Engineering-PC
Systems Engineering-Storage Mgt
Systems Engineering-Unicenter
Systems Engineering-Unisys
Systems Engineering-UNIX
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Network Management
Firewall Management
Network Operations
Security Management
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Voice & Telecom
Electronic Data Interchange
Telecommunications Engineering
Telecommunications Management
Telecommunications Repair
Video Conferencing
Voice Management
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Data & DB Management
Data Analysis
Data Warehousing
Database Management
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Data Center Operations
Computer/Console Operations
Disaster Recovery
Help Desk/Customer Support
Production Support
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Support Services
LAN/WAN Networks
Desktop Applications
Desktop Hardware & Peripherals
Product Support
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Shared Selection Lists of Tools, Products, etc.
Hardware and Equipment
IT Certifications
Operating Systems
Procedures and Processes
Technical Documenting
Tools and Products-App Development
Tools and Products-Data and Databases
Tools and Products-Desktop
Tools and Products-GIS
Tools and Products-Infrastructure
Tools and Products-Network/Telecom
Tools and Products-Security
Tools and Products-Web
Tools and Products-Wireless
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Other Skill Groups
Asset Management
Behavioral Competencies
Clerical and Administrative
Facilities Management
General Business Skills
Information Management (Reporting)
IT Architecture
IT Finance
IT Human Resources
IT Learning Services
IT Library Management
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Research and Development
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