“Individual skills are corporate assets. In total, they represent a company’s intellectual wealth directly tied to the bottom line. Superior skills are the weapons needed in the struggle to achieve competitive advantage.”


People Sciences’ Skills Management Needs Assessment is a three day engagement designed to identify an organization’s requirements for the implementation and deployment of a skills and competencies initiative. Importantly, PSI works with the company’s skills team, providing proven direction and experience, and will save significant time in delivering recommendations for a successful approach.

1. Identify the challenges, obstacles and issues for a successful implementation.
2. Recommend the best approach to skills management such as skills inventory, career development, skills assessment, development planning, etc.
3. Identify the benefits to the various constituencies – employees, managers, human resources and training services.
4. Prepare a basic project plan.
5. Establish a suitable “Skills Advisory Team” for review and approval.
6. Recommend the proper tool(s) for deployment such as skillware, learning management or other software on an enterprise or ASP platform.
7. Determine the cost, time and resources needed for implementation.
8. Identify the requirements to align skills with training services.
9. Identify the major job families (skill groupings/business functions) required for the participating units.